This blog is a place for my EDITS, my FANFICS and for all things SHERLOCK I like. There's a lot of BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, a bit of ANDREW SCOTT and MARTIN FREEMAN - and occasionally the rest of the glorious SHERLOCK CAST.

And, let's not forget - THIRD STAR, CABIN PRESSURE etc...

JJ xx

Sherlockbuddy is my sideblog for Season 4/Setlock and all spoilery goodies

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I recently reached 2000 followers (HOORAY!!!) and this is my big Thank You-Giveaway for all those lovely people who clicked the follow-button:)

These are the rules:

  • You must be following me :)
  • Reblogs/ likes count alike. If you reblog it would be great if you indicated which of the three giftsets would be your first choice.
  • You must keep your askbox open and you must be willing to give me your full address. I will ship anywhere in the world
  • Giveaway ends 31 May 2013 12pm GMT
  • Winners will be chosen by a random number generator

I keep my fingers crossed for all of you! Good luck!!


Giftset Nr 1:

  • White T-shirt (short sleeves/XL but it’s not overly large) with Sherlock/John/Moriarty silhouettes
  • 221B wallpaper Iphone cover (black/rubber)
  • Pair of brass earrings (see details)
  • Paperback ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ by Arthur Conan Doyle with a foreword by Benedict Cumberbatch

Giftset Nr 2:

  • CD “Sherlock series 2 - Soundtrack”
  • DVD “Wreckers” (Region 2) with Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy
  • 221B wallpaper Iphone cover (black/rubber)
  • Sherlock Holmes Notebook (blank)

Giftset Nr 3:

  • DVD “Third Star” (Region2) with Benedict Cumberbatch, JJ Feild, Tom Burke et al, comes with two packets of tissues :)
  • Cushion with Union Jack/Sherlock silhouette 40x40 cm (on the back with the quote ‘I may be on the side of the angels …’) (see details)
  • Pair of brass earrings (see details)
  • Paperback “The Sign of the Four” by Artur Conan Doyle with a foreword by Martin Freeman

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